Sex As Cardio.

4 min readMay 6, 2022

Exploring the art of sexercise.

Ok, technically sex is cardio. There’s no arguing that the sweating, the bending, and the bouncing aren’t a) burning calories and b) building muscle. That said, for those of us who aren’t pro athletes, even in the throes of passion, we can all get a little winded. And whom among us hasn’t suffered a leg cramp that requires a whole position overhaul? In fact, the more experimental you’re getting, often the more you’ll need those core muscles or glutes to help support you.

That said unless you’re having thrice daily sex (in which case, we extremely commend you), likely, the coitus itself isn’t the exercise that’s going to help you build up those little muscles that’ll render you physically fit for mind-blowing, zero-breaks-necessary, thoroughly acrobatic intercourse. This is why we’ve rounded up the absolute best sexcercises to add to your workout routine…so that while you’re off-duty, you can step up your thrust form.


This is the obvious one: scientists have proven that stronger pelvic muscles can give way to stronger orgasms. To carry out a Kegel, you’ll need to identify the right pelvic muscles in your body (most experts recommend that you stop urinating midstream — and take note of which muscles help you do so). Then, to strengthen ’em, you’ll need to contract those muscles, count to ten, release them, and repeat. For a more firm pelvic floor, try doing this 10 times daily.


Not only will squats strengthen your glutes (which will serve you well in all kinds of positions), but some experts say they can help to train and relax the muscles in the lower back and pelvis, which can make penetrative sex more comfortable. Try standing with your feet hip-distance apart with your toes pointed out. Keeping your back straight and your core engaged, bend down as if you were to sit in a seat, then stand back up again. Try to get through 30–50 reps if you can. Bonus: your butt will look great.

Hip thrusts/Pelvic Bridges

Naturally, any exercise called “hip thrust” will have instant sexual implications. And for what it’s worth, doing these exercises is certainly plenty salacious. But more importantly, these pulses will aid you in your ability to pump and thrust until the cows come home during intercourse — without fear of cramps or overwhelming fatigue. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground, then without moving your back, push up with your feet, raise your hips in the air in a bridge, hold for a breath, then lower back down. Do this one 20–30 times and all your bedroom muscles (core, glutes, pelvic) will thank you.


You know what a plank is: Think of it like a push-up, but without the push. Or the up. Hold in place with your hands firmly beneath your shoulders for one minute, twice daily (yes, two minutes of daily planking WILL improve your fitness writ large). Sure, it strengthens and tones plenty of different muscles, but it also means you can hold up your body weight — which will certainly serve you well when you’re on top.

Figure four/Pigeon Pose

Sexcercise isn’t just about building strength — it’s also about pushing yourself to become more limber, and holding yoga-forward postures like Pidgeon or Figure Four will help loosen those hips and stretch out the groin muscles. For figure four, lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, then cross your left leg over your right leg, placing your left ankle just below your right knee, and pull (you’ll feel the stretch). After 30 seconds, switch legs.

In pigeon pose, you’re also tackling those hip flexors, but you’ll start in a plank pose, shift one leg forward to bring your knee under your shoulder, then lie down, using your own bodyweight to stretch out those groin and hip muscles. Settle in for 30 seconds to a minute, before switching legs.


The casual deadlift strengthens everything from your glutes and your core to your hamstrings and your quads, PLUS it’ll help you lift or move your partner around (consensually) more swiftly during sex. Grab a heavyweight (if you don’t have weights, try soup cans or bottles of wine). Get in your proper squat position, lower down to pick your weight up off the ground, and pop up, lifting your weight with you. Rinse, repeat, with two sets of 15.Originally published at




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