How Quick is a Quickie?

Everything you need to know about the infamous quickie.

So, there’s sex. Then, there’s the TL;DR version: the infamous “quickie.” The ‘ol one-and-done — for when you’ve got places to be, and things to do, but you still wanna “get yours” as they say.

But here’s an important philosophical question: How quick is a quickie? And should you be having more of them? Less of them? Should you orgasm every time? Do they need to occur in, say, the office copy room, to count?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Quickies, for all their cultural prevalence, can feel like a mysterious beast. So, we turned to the experts for some definitive answers. Here’s what you need to know:

How quick is a quickie?
Well, if you asked Reddit, you might find that plenty (of men) believe it can last as little as . If you asked a true , you’d be more likely learn that there’s no designated time frame; the implication is merely that you could be having longer sex. This is the expedited frill-free version — speedier than your usual. Hold the bells and whistles: Foreplay and post-coital cuddling be damned.

Should you orgasm every time?
For some of us, 5 minutes is plenty of time to reach climax. For others, it’s not quite so speedy a process. That said, for the sake of your future pleasure, plenty of caution you away from feeling like you need to orgasm in order to call your quickie a success. Penetrative sex or otherwise, it’s a matter of sexual release, and (brief) intimacy with your partner. That’s the point. Orgasm, is, well, just the icing on the cake.

Do quickies have to happen in a specific location?
If you’re using popular cinema as a vantage point, quickies should always occur in illustrious, unexpected places: janitor’s closets, restaurant bathrooms, office supply closets. But the truth of the matter is, your bed will do just fine. Sure, a locale that’s not in your normal rotation can feel plenty spicy, but a brief back-and-forth in the living room when you’ve got dinner plans in half an hour, or just as an entirely spontaneous interlude while watching TV works just the same.

How can I make quickies more pleasurable for me and my partner?
Well, for starters, listen to your body. Generally, you’ll partake in a quickie because you’re both already feeling aroused. You can skip the foreplay because the mood has already struck. Use this as your guiding light.

Beyond that, as we’ve mentioned, don’t put pressure on yourself to orgasm in ~5 minutes. Try to enjoy the “moment” for what it is — a display of intimacy between two people, and a break in your otherwise standardized routines.

Also, versatility can be a true mood booster. For some, the scandal of having sex somewhere illicit can be ultra stimulating (you know, a stairwell, or the bathroom at someone else’s cocktail party). But sex in the shower or on the kitchen counter can be just as invigorating if they’re outside your usual rotation.

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