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No shock that Parisians are the most poetic.

Sexual euphemisms are used for various reasons — sometimes playfully, sometimes to slightly obfuscate what is being discussed, and sometimes because the technically correct language is a bit of a turn-off (there are few words less sexy than “engorged”).

A lot of foreign-language euphemisms can lose some of their magic when translated into English — sometimes there’s more beauty and poetry to be found in not fully understanding what’s going on. …

Why the apps are getting more serious.

By pretty much all accounts, it’s bound to be a horny summer. Widespread vaccination access in the U.S. has finally made it easier for singles to escape their pods in search of a new lover — but some singles (recent or otherwise) are looking for something a little more long-term.

As Mashable reported in November 2020, dating apps started to notice different behavior during the pandemic. Pretty much every app saw an increase in engagement, as quarantined singles no longer had many opportunities for in-person meet-cutes. Fewer people seemed to be looking for…

On solo sex and productivity.

The 3 pm slump is a familiar conundrum: After however-many-hours spent clacking away at a computer, once your lunch is all good and digested, there’s an inevitable down-trend in your productivity. Your eyes glaze over; a nap sounds good. Maybe you should have a snack? Is it too late for another coffee? Is it too early for a drink? You know the drill.

As it turns out, though, there is indeed a better solution when it comes to kickstarting your brain just as it’s beginning to rebel — and it doesn’t involve gin or caffeine…

It’s rarely just about sex.

Every person, in one way or another, has experienced the dreadful experience of becoming acquainted with the consequence of their actions. So why do some people keep doing the very thing that came back to (perhaps literally) slap them in the face? When it comes to cheating, the answers aren’t always clear — but recent research can help us come closer to understanding.

A study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy in December 2020 investigated the reasons why people cheat, Scientific American reported. Researchers found eight motivations for cheating: “anger, self-esteem, lack…

The pros and cons of tech turned intimate.

The more our technology advances, the more it earns a place of intimacy in the lives of humans. Your phone shows you ads for the things you want before you know you want them, voice assistants await any question you may ask aloud in your living room, and for many singles, the prospect of finding love in our current world seems just about impossible without the help of an app or two. …

The landscape before, during, and after Stonewall.

In 2021, a gay bar is hardly a niche venue. Quite the opposite: Most folks will tell you that dedicated queer nightlife venues have a notable reputation for particularly raucous and lively environs — or rather, for being a damn good time. However accurate that superlative may be, though, gay bars have long served a much deeper, weightier purpose: They’re a safe space, a gathering grounds, a venue for community organizing. And over the last century, it would be difficult to overstate the key role they’ve played in LGBTQ+ liberation.

Let’s rewind to…

A few keys to making consensual non-monogamy successful.

Monogamy is the preferred M.O. for most people in relationships, right? Well, not exactly. Research conducted by social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller revealed that one of the most common things that people in the United States fantasize about is being in an open relationship. And now that our society is increasingly embracing the nuances of sexuality and sexual preferences, more couples are choosing to open up their relationships.

“Open relationships can give you the chance to date different kinds of people,” says sexologist Megan Stubbs. “Maybe your new partner is nothing like…

Whether it’s in the back seat, the front seat, on the hood or up against the side, car sex looks pretty damn easy in the movies. In real life, however, the logistics of it are far less glamorous, and — let’s be honest — often just plain awkward.

But don’t let that deter you. There are a lot of benefits to be found in car sex — such spontaneous encounters can inject a welcome spark into a relationship. That said, there are a few keys to mastering the art of the four-wheeled romp. Here’s our maudern guide to car sex.

Interrogating the whole “caught in the act” act.

Sex on-screen hasn’t always been a nuanced enterprise. In fact, the very nature of cinematic sex has evolved in a myriad of dramatic, varied ways throughout the last two decades, alone. But for all the recent variety in on-screen intercourse — from increasingly realistic depictions of inclusive body types and sexualities to focus on kinks, consent, and even body hair — it would seem that one form of pleasure earns a less generous rendering: masturbation.

Think about it: Nearly every iconic TV or movie scene fits a certain trope. It’s the whole…

The science behind going al fresco.

Nothing against sex in private places — surely we’re all aligned on that front — but quasi-public intercourse has long had a distinct appeal. Be it a car in a grocery store lot, a restaurant bathroom, or a barside alleyway, the very notion of nearly exhibitionist intercourse is certainly a spicy one.

Now, we’re not condoning full-scale park bench boning by any stretch. No matter where you’re located, there is likely a battery of laws banning such behavior (think: police charges for public nudity and lude acts). …


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