From seaweed to olive oil, all the things humans used to get it on.

Studies have proved that the best sexual interactions are often accompanied by lube. Looking back at its history, lubricants have been used around the world for 1000’s of years. In the early days, there was an array of creative lubricants used by different cultures and countries. Two of the first known homemade lubricants were the Greeks with their use of olive oil, and the Japanese with their innovative smashed up yams. While it has become increasingly popular throughout the years, it’s certainly not a new item.

No matter how strong your love for each other might be, in a long-term relationship, you can often find yourself having very little sex — or sometimes none at all.

There can be many different reasons why this might be happening, but, in some cases, it could be that all your sex life needs is, well, a little kick-start.

In theory, it might seem like the longer we go without sex, the more we desire it, but that’s not always how it works. Sexual desire actually increases with regular sexual activity. …

If you have at least one, you’re in the majority.

The science is clear: Vibrators are more than a “sex toy,” but rather an essential tool for sexual wellness. This is why the fact that 53% of American women between the ages of 18 and 60 use one isn’t surprising. It seems surprising that the number isn’t even higher.

This percentage comes from researchers at Indiana University, who published their findings in 2009, releasing the first-ever reported data about vibrator use from a nationally representative sample. …

Five ways to keep the spark alive.

It’s a fact that having a baby directly impacts personal identity and even the most intimate partnership(s). After having children, it becomes more difficult to carve out space for your relationship, and as the child continues to grow, your role as a caretaker becomes more demanding. When kids come into the picture, it changes the dynamic that you and your partner(s) once had alone, so it can take time to rebuild the intimacy that perhaps once felt so effortless. …

Pinning down the root cause is the first step to a solution.

Unless you’re dipping your toes into the world of BDSM, sex should not be painful. But for many people with vaginas, it can be all too common. According to a 2014 study, anywhere from 10 to 20% of women in the United States experience dyspareunia — recurrent and persistent pain that comes along with sexual activity. As Women’s Healthcare of Princeton explains, this pain doesn’t necessarily have to be experienced in the vagina, but can also be felt in the pelvic region, uterus, or even the lower back…

We know, self-care seems like the topic du jour — but that’s because it’s important. Especially in today’s society, and especially when it comes to sex.

So in the interest of making sure you’re feeling good, here’s our maudern guide to sex and self-care.

Be honest about what you’re comfortable with.
Often we’re afraid of communicating our real desires because we’re worried about what people might think. But while expanding your horizons is great, partaking in something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe can be harmful. So be honest and encourage your partner to do the same.

Explore your…

How to build the ultimate mood-setting playlist.

There is perhaps no enterprise more rogue than intercourse to the tune of music on shuffle. In rapid, chaotic succession, you’ll hear vintage Avril Lavigne, followed by Run DMC, then probably a cover of Elton John. …

Beyond merely urinating after sex.

Hell hath no fury like an infected urinary tract. And for those of us susceptible to the wrath of the dreaded UTI, it’s rarely an isolated instance. Once the seal is broken…well, you know the drill.

Now, the most colloquial consensus on UTIs is pretty uniform: the painful, pesky infections arise most frequently in women after neglecting to urinate post-intercourse. But let it be known that this is not the only way one can contract a UTI: The infection is precisely as it sounds — when bacteria enter the urinary tract, it becomes infected. And…

It’s not just about switching positions.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been inventing ways to make sex more thrilling — it would be a deeply misguided assumption to think that millennia ago, people were only getting it on in missionary. Perhaps the most widely known ancient evidence of sexual innovation is the Kama Sutra, a Vedic text dated around the second century CE, and attributed to the Indian philosopher Vatsyayana. If you’ve looked around any “New Age” store (or even that section of your local Barnes and Noble), you’ve probably seen at least one book that promises to…

How intimacy can be a precise art form.

Sometimes lust and arousal are thought of as these spontaneous drives that hit us out of nowhere and can’t be controlled — just like those passionate Hollywood movie-style makeout scenes. But in regards to our internal responsive desire, there are biological and physical things that work internally to get us in the mood for sex. When the first arousal studies were done in the 1960s, our own responsive desires and human sexual responses were hypothesized to be a linear journey — one with a clear beginning, middle, and finish line. These studies…


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